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Our efforts at giving back to the society, with community participation.

We are a group of more than 75 volunteers including schools teachers, agriculturists, businessmen, shopkeppers, manual labourers, nurses, school children, nun sisters, doctors, with one intention, to make the life of a person with terminally ill cancer or with a chronic illness, meaningful and to lend a hand in making their life better.
Lisa Pain and Palliative Care Centre is managed by a charitable trust.It is the first centre in Kerala to offer free inpatient facilities to patients with terminal cancer.For over the last 18 years this centre was able to assist more than 1500 persons suffering from terminal cancer to maintain their dignity in the last days of their lives.
Started by Dr P.M Mathai in the year 2000, with inspiration from Padmashree Dr M.R Rajagopal, who was then the chief of Palliative care centre, Medical college calicut.This centre aims at improving the quality of life of patients suffering from unbearable pain of advanced cancer, who are broken in spirit as well as in body. Though we can’t offer them a cure, doctors, nurses and volunteers here constantly work hard to make the patient’s life more meaningful and peaceful.
Here we provide comprehensive care of highest quality in pain management and palliative care. Along with the outpatient and inpatient services we also provide homecare services to bedridden patients and also to patients suffering from stroke, Paraplegia and other chronic debilitating neurological conditions.
Our services now extend to Children with special needs and are also into providing educational, counseling and financial assistance to the patients and relatives.All that at no cost to the patient, regardless of their age, sex, social or economic status. Here with needless and tabs we add some love and compassion.You can help us in numerous ways
This centre is managed by a charitable organization funded primarily by the generous public. We need your help, either by your time or by making a donation, helping us to raise funds, publishing our service or pooling of materials we need.

Lisa Dialysis centre

(Run by Lisa Dialysis and Palliative Care Public Charitable Society- Reg. No: KKD/CA/895/2015)

This centre is realized with the generous help of many kind-hearted individuals and is dedicated to provide the best possible care to patients requiring hemodialysis, in a compassionate and friendly environment at the lowest possible cost, without any financial profits. Lisa dialysis centre is a unit of Lisa pain and palliative care centre and was Inaugurated in the year 2015. Hemodialysis machines were sponsored by Diocese of Thamarassery, Kerala Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi Thiruvambady unit and by Fr. Kuriakkose Chemplani, Thiruvambady. The RO plant was sponsored by Sri. Moyinkutty MLA from the MLA fund. Hemodialysis is a lifelong requirement for increasing number of patients with Chronic kidney disease. It is also an absolute requirement for sustaining their life Cost of this treatment is between Rs. 2400 to 4000 per week in most centres in Kerala, this is in addition to medicines, transportation and other expenses.
Most patients require up to three dialysis per week. The aim of the centre is to take of the burden associated with this treatment from the patient’s shoulders and support them with compassionate care and also financial support if required. We look forwards to kind hearted individuals who would like to be part of this noble cause and support this centre and be a part of our mission to improve the quality of lives of persons with chronic kidney disease requiring haemodialysis. Yes, we will be an instrument to connect your love to alleviating their pain.