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Lisa Pain and Palliative Care Centre is a charitable venture of our hospital managed by Lisa pain and palliative care charitable trust. A memento to the public presented in the silver jubilee year of the hospital, now in its tenth year of service. This centre aims at improving the quality of life of patients suffering from unbearable pain of advanced cancer, who are broken in spirit as well as in body. Though we cannot offer them
a cure, doctors, nurses and volunteers here constantly work hard to make the patient’s life more meaningful and peaceful. We are linked to the Pain and Palliative Care Centre, Medical College, Calicut, thus sharing their expertise and experience. Here we provide comprehensive care of highest quality in pain management and palliative care. Along with the outpatient and inpatient services we also provide educational and counseling programmes for the patients and relatives. All this at no cost to the patient, regardless of their age, sex, social or economical status. Here with needles and tablets we strive to give a lot of love and compassion to the patient.

Can You..
This centre is managed by a charitable organization funded primarily by generous public. We need your help, either by making a donation, helping us to raise funds, publishing service or pooling of materials we need. If our work interests you, kindly contact us at: be it our privilege to save them from clutches of pain!
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